About Us

Who We Are

We are students and educators who are frustrated by the large online homework platforms offered by the textbook publishing monopoly. These platforms have issues such as marking students wrong for rounding, preventing students from progressing to the next question, and sometimes misgrading assignments altogether. We say enough!

Our Idea

The idea for check figures isn’t new. In fact, various textbooks in the tried and tested physical form still offer solutions to select problems that are usually found in the back of the book. For decades students have relied on these check-answers to help confirm that their work was correct in the classroom setting. Similarly, we offer check-answers for thousands of online homework questions, but in the digital space. We specialize in courses for the College of Business, such as accounting, economics, finance, and statistics.

Why We Do It

The inflexible homework platforms can disenfranchise students, cause anxiety, and contribute to students dropping out of a course or college altogether. CourseStar helps keep students on track and graduating on time! With more time to prepare for their exams, our students tend to perform better academically.

Our Headquarters

We are located just a few blocks from Southern California’s famous surfing spot, Windansea Beach.