How to Use Course Star

Your numbers, your answers!

It’s a typical Friday and you’ve already spent hours upon hours doing mindless homework. Your phone is going off with texts, but you’re not going anywhere, you are shackled to your desk: no going out for you tonight.

Your eyes are bloodshot, staring at your computer screen clenching your calculator as you endlessly type numbers into boxes for your online homework… and don’t forget the mighty “Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to 4 decimal places” written at the end of every problem your professor assigned to you. You are on problem 3 out of 20.

Overwhelmed Student

With tongue sticking out sideways, you press submit… and CRAP, you are marked wrong by the “system” yet again. You must have rounded incorrectly, forgotten a zero somewhere, or simply pressed the wrong button. There is no partial credit. That’s another 30 minutes of your life you’re never going to get back.

But that’s ok, you have one more attempt remaining for problem 3, so you start over from the beginning. What is your time worth?

This is your new reality in the digital age. No more hand-graded assignments with personalized feedback written by a caring teacher on the top of your paper. No way! Now it’s you, your keyboard, and an endless sea of online homework.

Fight back and Unshackle Yourself


Fight back and unshackle yourself from these inflexible online homework systems run by a powerful corporate oligopoly: check your numbers with Course Star and get it done right, the first time. Course Star: Your numbers, your answers!

Step 1: Create an account and receive free credits!

The sign-up process

We DO NOT sell or distribute any user data. All information is kept confidential.

Step 2: Log into your online homework. Our users like to use the split-screen with CourseStar on one side and the online homework on the other.

Step 3: Use our QBank search filters to narrow down by Subject, Textbook, Chapter, Question Type. Then copy all, or part of the question and paste it in the Keyword search box. Make sure you press Search! to perform the search for your question.

Split screen

Step 4: Confirm that you have the correct solver by comparing the question number, question name, and description with your online homework question.

Step 5: Unlock the solver using credits.

Step 6: After trying the homework problem yourself, place your numbers into the appropriate blue boxes and click update. It is very important that you press the update button! It may not look like anything is happening, but rest assured our proprietary solvers are crunching the numbers with one click of “Update,” it’s instant, so don’t blink. Your check figures will appear in the green boxes which you can then compare to your own work.

Check figures appear in green!

Step 7: Compare your work with our answers, and if all looks good, type the correct answers into your online homework platform, and submit your answer.

Great job! You got your problem correct!

Step 8: Leave us feedback! Did our solvers confirm your answer? Let us know! The feedback mechanism will appear on the bottom of every solver. If our solver gave an incorrect result, report the problem and get back your credits. With your help, we will make CourseStar an amazing learning tool!

That’s it! Now get out of here and start using our Qbank and get a perfect score on all your homework and quizzes!